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     Tonka is a big Newfoundland, yes he gets mistaken for a bear!  He will turn 10 on October 15th.   He is very smart, loving, and silly!  He still has a puppy heart and wants to frolic and play (mostly in short bursts).  He likes water, but only wants to swim if Priss is with him, then he just follows her, but would rather just be sprayed with the hose.  He loves chasing birds in the sky, giving visitors a hug or a kiss.  He is very smart, and obedient, but you sometimes have to talk sternly to him because he just gets so excited!  He weighs 180lbs, and in the winter he looks like he weighs closer to 230 lbs. because he has such fluffy hair.  Come see him, he truly loves all people and is a sweet soul to meet!  He has been our main "dude" and has produced several beautiful litters.



Bash is the new dad in town and he is just as lovable as Tonka. He’s in the 150#’s now and still growing. He will be 3 this year. He is sweet and gentle in the "I will never leave your side" kind of way.  When it is time for food, he is the perfect gentleman and will leave the food bowls to the girls. He loves to show you he loves you by placing your hand in his mouth.  He has all of his certificates listed below!

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