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Why we Love Newfoundlands


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Family Newfoundlands

Hi!  We're the Penick's.  Kyle, Sarah, Aubri, River, Tonka, Priscilla, Darla, Cocoa,Bash, Katie Bug, Nanna, Franklin (10 yo Corgie that is more spastic than the cat bless him), Fernando the weenie, Sheriff Callee (9 yo barn cat also known as Thug Life) and Pumpkin the fishbowl rescue cat. We are going to be retiring 2 of our girls in the next 2 years, and are adding 2 new pups to the family this spring. We live on about 8 acres that is in the middle of the family farm with all our animals, in Southwestern KY, about 10 minutes north of Clarksville, TN.

Kyle is 40 going on 4.  He works in sales, and dabbles in carpentry.  He is also an expert duck hunter, and father :) In high school he not only won the State trap shoot twice, but also helped teach ballroom dance, and when with his closest friends, even now, he is usually asked to "Do the Carlton" because they know it is a rare sight that brings immediate joy to any gathering (lol!). He is also the mastermind in making any of my visions come to life. 

Sarah is a 37 year old Special Education Teacher in middle school. She loves and hates watching her kids grow up!  But highly encourages them to go to college at the beach and then marry someone who will stay there so that she will someday have a beach home to visit :) She is the one who speaks thoughts and new improvements that Kyle then makes real life! Its a great balance.

Aubri is 13 going on 35, she is the old soul.  She loves volleyball and learning new things.  She is the organizer, and helps Kyle and Sarah manage and organize everything from the pantry, to the woodshop, to the puppy shenanigans. She is also an avid deer hunter in her spare time, and loves to spend time in the outdoors.

River is 10 and loves football and basketball.  He has read all of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books, and is developing a love reading more advanced books. He and Kyle enjoy duck hunting through December and January. River also loves the outdoors, but he loves to dance to any Michael Jackson song :).

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